Melody1200 Expansions
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Digital IO (Toshlink, Cinch)

Codename: MEDIO

  • DigitalIO is an expansion for MelodyNG.
  • Like all our NG stuff DigitalIO may be used via Zorro 1200 plus Melody1200, soon. Using this board Melody1200 is working fine for Zorro machines, too.
  • DigitalIO makes use of an A-LAN Controller. It offers digital input and output and even allows networking these devices. The final fuctionality is not decided up to now.
  • DigitalIO offers golden RCAs / CINCH (Twistend-Pair) and even TOSHLINK (optical, fibre) in- and outputs.
  • Amiga with MelodyNG
  • Late prototyp was shown at Computer'98, Cologne
  • Design is ready for series production
  • Not available at all dealers for first (due low numbers are expected)
  • contact Gruner Bürotechnik

AMPlifier LCD Output

Codename: ALC

  • LCD-Ausgabe is an expansion for MelodyNG and even plain Amigas.
  • The goal of this hardware is the display and control of AMPlifier without using a screen. Time played, name, ID-3 Tags etc. is additionally visable at a 4x40 Dot-Char Display (picvue).
  • Another possibility besides connecting it to Melody's controll bus is the use of Amiga's build-in Parallelport (as shown above)
  • Amiga with MelodyNG or Amiga with Parallelport (Chipset only)