OctaMED Soundstudio 2

Development of OctaMED Soundstudio 2 was stopped.

An other team will continue this project.

Checkpoints of our development:

  • extention of Kato's BOOPSI class library for doing a modern and fast graphical user interface

  • first attempts of diagnosting the old code and its behaviour caused by the reason of having nearly no documentation of it

  • since there is no SAS Compiler nor future development is done at SAS OMSS has to get ported to another Compiler --- SAS was called an "OS compiler" which manages many tricks. These stuff caused side effects when compiled with MaxonCPP or StormCPP.

  • new GUI running in parallel to the old one

  • complete replacement for the old sample editor

  • starting enclapsuation of the structural design to an object orientied construction

  • some dirty parts like: cache flushing and Disable() plus CPU leakage asked for much investment of time

  • Plug-In interface for hardware drivers and more

  • assembler code removed out of the mixing routines and MIDI -- replaced with modern stuff done in C/C++

  • MIDI again re-thought and replaced by CAMD.device (CBM did the concept)

  • Roadmap for the future:
  • effects possible not only global but for every track

  • doing drivers for all available soundboards or forcing people to do so (each of them requires audio and CAMD support)

  • final distributed tests

  • re-compile for modern hardware architecture including CPU

The right place to get direct information on OctaMED Soundstudio is the OctaMED-Homepage or the new developer.

People at ANNEX work with OctaMED Soundstudio an did the "Amigasong".