Melody Z2
  • use of 16/18bit technics
  • high samplerate of 44.1KSPS
  • usable in all Amigas with Zorro2 expansionbus
  • Surface Mounting Technologie for better performance
  • pass-through of the traditional output of the Amiga or other source
  • full metall golden RCA connectors
  • help for synchronisation when playingMPEG-Video-films
  • high quality and low load playback of MPEG-Audio (Layer1+2) via specialized DSP
  • helps synchronizing for playing MPEG-Video
  • systemfriendly because of very large hardware buffer which helps to prevent ugly interrupts of the sound
  • AMPlifier - powerfull Player for MPEG-Audio and more - supports Playlist, ID3-Tag etc., AREXX
  • melodympeg.device (New-Style mpeg.device)
  • melodyaudio.device (New-Style audio.device)
  • AHI
  • T*ccata-Emulation
  • Z2 board
  • printed Instructions
  • CDROM with various Software
  • some titles for testing
Melody Z2