Manual Description
mel1200_man.PDF Manual Melody 1200-Series
mel1200_man.tex TEX



...doublesided, two pages per print

(looks like the original manual when printed)

twister_install.PDF Installation of Twister 1200 (rev.1)
TwisterMK2Eng.PDF Installation of Twister 1200 MK2 (rev.2)
twister_rates.PDF supported bitrates
SIMMfonieDeu.PDF old BETA manual of Simmfonie (bad done)
Product Flyers (Dealers) Description
amp_eng.PDF AMPlifier
mel1200pro_eng.PDF Melody 1200 PRO
mel1200plus_eng.PDF Melody 1200 Plus (on request only)
mel1200base_eng.PDF Melody 1200 base
melody1200_eng.PDF Melody 1200 family overview
melz2_eng.PDF Melody Z2 (production stopped)
twister2_eng.PDF Twister 1200 MK2 (DCE)
twist_eng.PDF Twister 1200 (production stopped)
unity_eng.PDF Unity
medio_eng.PDF Digital IO for Melody 1200
Small Projects Description
mel4all How to remove interferences with Bvision, Ultra-ATA, HyperC*M 3
hyper2twist HyperC*M 1 modifying towards Twister to get it run with Melody 1200
display docs Display for AMPlifier and maybe Melody1200