WWW History
28.March 2000


  • After a forced long time of standby there are new pages today
  • some pages were even removed because of expired content
  • hyperlinks to foreign pages were romoved completely
  • since there were some questions regarding unexpected transmission results with Twister an Infopage was created
  • the same happed to show all the supported BPS-Rates of Twister

Dezember 1999


  • Our Webseite is not accessable from time to time
  • EMails don't get through or get lost
  • Why? All 500,000 domains of the webhoster Strato are disconnected. They're still trying to run all these service via one Sun-Server one bandwidth provider.




  • Polski pages disabled because of strongly expired contents
  • Product flyers were reworked and docs.html dixed, new ones for Medio, Unity (Zorro1200 in past) and Twister MK2 done by DCE generated
  • Hyper_om reworks got the pictures back which were not accessable in past
  • Software download fixed


  • Mainpage: TOD CGI-Frame...further scripts comming in future
  • mayor corrections according to HTML 4.0
  • Zorro1200 specs re-newed


  • prepared pages for conversation to polski and french
  • further old mail addresses replaced (Uups;-)
  • seperated page for E-Mail
  • some defective hyperlinks fixed
  • printable documentation is primary PDF now
  • directories can't be scanned...need to do further pages


  • Welcome-Page looks different now
  • new Domain activated, redirections activated
  • all old Emails and Mail links replaced with new ones
05.April '99


26.March '99


  • new device driver for Twister 1200 available (minor fixes for buggy peripherals)
25.February '99


16.February '99
  • Entered the color for the links at any page to make even Voyager show the pages like any other browser.
  • Used Page Templates for menu and transformed english and german pages
  • Added a documentation page pointing to manuals, flyers and other stuff
  • removed PS docs and replaced with Laserjet 3 printfiles
  • New product announcement: Melody CDTV
  • Amplifier 1.52 revision available (minor fixes and enhancements)

23.January '99

  • re-newed product flyers placed into proper directory at download section (deu/eng)
  • AMPlifier pages extended for Plug-Ins section
  • new AMPlifier and accessories including development kit for Plug-Ins is online
  • some minor things fixed and direct links for downloads added
  • started to optimise TITLE TAG for getting more usefull bookmark entries
20.January '99
Cleanup and enhancement of download area:
  • manuals for melody1200 online in various formats: TEX, DVI, PS, PDF (deu/eng)
  • flyers for many products available as PDF files (deu/eng)
  • bigger scans of products online for use at magazines and even wb background
  • first prototyp of AMPlifier's display online; when ready there will be an manual in Aminet; attention not verified (eng)!
15.January '99
  • further dealers and distributors entered
  • thanks to Tomislav Kitynski who made it possible to activate a polski version of the Webside
  • infos for HyperC*M-Rework at download area online (eng)
01.January '99
  • new revision 1.45 of AMPlifier online (deu/eng/fr)
  • documentation of AMPlifier was re-done as a guide file, enhanced and is now online; no longer included in manual of Melody soundboard (deu/eng)

17.December '98


  • new links (distribution and links page)
  • new Twister1200 driver supports EOF-speedup-mode for Miami
  • new software for Melody1200
09.December '98


  • fixed some formating
  • fixed all links (even on links.html) and added new ones
  • some syntax and grammar was fixed
03.December '98


  • first try of new pages
  • just converted most of the german stuff to english
  • still many things to do some small(?) corrections still needed


  • no further records were used from old pages